McAfee LiveSafe is the most recommended antivirus if you look at the portfolio of this software. This application is capable in securing all PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices. Today we are here to explain how to install this application on Mac and Android devices. You can seek assistance from McAfee Support to ask more on it.

When you start your PC, you’ll be asked to register your pre-installed Live Safe product. At the time of registration it may ask you to share information, when you go with this option it automatically setup your application. In case, you don’t select this option, then you have to create your account in order to install this application.

Steps To Install Mcafee On Mac Or PC

First, turn on your PC and launch your web browser and go to McAfee Homepage from your device.
Now go to My Account and then Sign In.
In case, you don’t have an account, then click on “Are you a new user? Register now” then follow the directions and then login..
Then, click My Account and next you have to select LiveSafe product subscription and then click “Download Mcafee”.
Now check mark the box “I agree and accept license term agreement” and then just follow the prompts to complete this installation process.

Steps To Install Mcafee On Android

Turn on your phone and make sure you have an internet connection, now open your browser and open McAfee homepage.
Next, you have to click on My Account and then login.
If you are a new user and you don’t have an account then click on “Are you a new user? Register now” to create your account.
Once you have created your account then login and choose (+) icon there.
Now you’ll need to choose your device there and then click on “Send Link”.
Now choose your mobile platform and LiveSafe Mobile Security and then choose “Next”.
Now choose your country and enter your mobile number and device name and you’ll receive a link in your email or via SMS.
Click on the link and start download by accepting the license agreement. This way you’ll be able to install this application on your device successfully.

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